Before You Interact

We avoid internet discourse like the plauge, so don't talk to us about it. We're slow to respond to messages and socially isolate ourselves often, leading to periods of inactivity and ghosting (...but why?).

Views & Beliefs

Radically/critically inclusive of all good-faith identities, including contradictory labels, MOGAI, and alterhumanity. Critical consumer of media. Supporter of informed self-diagnosis and pro-recovery anti-psych.

Galerie De Blinkiez !

come, angels of unknown Will bite!!! smol angel~!! crimson fallen angel afro goth self-shipper

Cosigning Collective

Hey there! I'm...

...part of the Cosigning Collective, a polyfragmented DID system of 200+ members. We're bodily 20 years old, Black, and neurodivergent. Here are some of our common fronters!

 skull and chain divider

Collective Identity: Keaton (when masc-presenting) or Kitten (when fem-presenting, rarely). They/Them and It/Its pronouns. Non-binary stone butch. A-spec queer. Most of all, a biblically inaccurate angel.

Collective Interests

We have pretty varied likes and dislikes, so it's best to ask individual system members about their interests! Still, most of us like the following: Alternative/Indie music. Sci-fi/Fantasy. Autodidacticism. Psychology. Playing piano. Film. Tea. Stuffed animals.

Some other common interests worth mentioning include: Children's Cartoons. Mathematics. Faith Deconstruction. Coding. Literature. Group Classical Performance (Band/Choir). Investigative fiction and law.

We know very little about professional web development; we just made this website for fun!

Contact Us actually want to talk to us? Still? Impressive. We're @cos.col on Discord and @CosCol on Mastodon !